How Allotment Loans Work are not a direct lender, but a lending matching service. Over the years has built a vast network of short term lenders who are able to provide customers with loans between $100 and $2500. Many customers use short term loans to help with a wide range of emergency expenses. Unlike traditional personal loan stores, provides customers with a way to borrow cash online without going into a store or waiting in line.

Step 1: Decide & Apply

The main question is how much do you need and how much you can afford to repay? In case of non-repayment of loan you may have high fees, therefore get in a debt trap. This is why we strongly advise taking just moderate amount of online loans. If your purpose are clear then filling out the form.

    * The basic things to prepare while writing down the loan application are:
  • Your ID.
  • Over the age of 18.
  • Proof of address.
  • Your bank account number (showing how much and often you receive income).

Step 2: Read & Sign

After submitting details, you receive a suitable payday loan offer from one of our legit direct lenders. The great thing about the offer is: Accept or refuse any offer at NO cost: nobody forces you to agree with anything you consider inappropriate. Prior to signing the agreement, you are not legally bound to any offers. Hence, before signing, we suggest reading the contract carefully to be aware of all the terms involved.

    * Check before signing the loan contract, the following aspects:
  • Interest rates.
  • The total amount owed.
  • Due date.
  • Possibilities of renewal.
  • Any additional fees.
  • Consequences of failing to repay the advance etc.

Step 3: Get The Money

As soon as you signed the fine print, sit back and relax. The previous step usually takes few hours after you send the form, but the last one is exciting because you receive money! As a rule, lenders send cash advance amount to bank account, which we consider the simplest, and safest option to retrieve money.

Now you know the process of getting online payday loans – from choosing the amount and filling in the form, to receiving the money. Getting a cash advance online is a quite simple task, mainly because it demands less paperwork and least requirements. No profound document revision makes it quick and easy. However, the number one issue for payday loans is being sure that you will repay it. Otherwise, you may end up paying high fees and thus getting into debt trap.